Regulatory Rapporteur September 2015

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Front Cover
Volume 12 Issue 9

In This Issue

  • FOCUS - Biosimilar medicines
  • PLUS
  • Toxicological approaches to impurities
  • Risk management for medical devices
  • Regulating generic veterinary medicines

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Regulatory Rapporteur September 2015MembersFull Issue2MBPDF
Editorial: A new generation of biosimilarsPublic49KBPDF
The future of biosimilars – monoclonal antibodies and beyondPublic123KBPDF
Interview with Dr Christian Schneider: It’s all about the science Members68KBPDF
Interview with Prof Dr med Karl Broich: A taste of things to come... Members53KBPDF
Medical device risk managementMembers86KBPDF
Meeting report: Key topics in education for regulatory professionalsMembers72KBPDF
Quality attributes in the making and breaking of biosimilarityMembers144KBPDF
Surveying the regulatory landscape from a toxicological perspectiveMembers87KBPDF
The Veterinary Medicines ExchangeMembers49KBPDF