Regulatory Rapporteur Oct 2012

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Front Cover
Volume 9 Issue 10

In This Issue

  • FOCUS - Drug development
  • PLUS
  • The struggle for paediatric orphan products
  • Addressing drug shortages in North America
  • Canada: Update on international initiatives
  • Medical devices: Notified body audits

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Regulatory Rapporteur Oct 2012MembersFull Issue4MBPDF
Remodelling Pharmaceutical R&D and the Role of Regulatory AffairsPublic844KBPDF
Adaptive Drug Development and Licensing Members819KBPDF
Development of Orphan Products and the Impact of the EU Paediatric RegulationMembers890KBPDF
Drug Shortages in North America – Discussions with the US FDA and Health CanadaMembers829KBPDF
Maple Leaf News – Update from CanadaMembers819KBPDF
New Drugs for a Predicted Cancer Epidemic: Who Will Lead the Way?Members893KBPDF
The Medical Devices ExchangeMembers805KBPDF
Understanding the Regulatory Drivers for Adaptive Design TrialsMembers819KBPDF