Regulatory Rapporteur June 2016

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Volume 13 Issue 6

In This Issue

  • FOCUS - Advances in healthcare
  • PLUS
  • The increasing convergence of medicines and devices
  • Biosimilar medicines: a filgrastim case study

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Regulatory Rapporteur June 2016MembersFull Issue2MBPDF
Advances and challenges in the development of drug delivery systems – A European perspectivePublic96KBPDF
Editorial - Novel advances in healthcare: Sometimes fact, sometimes fictionPublic36KBPDF
Environmental risk assessments for gene therapy productsMembers57KBPDF
Investigating biosimilar development and registration: a filgrastim case study – Part 1Members135KBPDF
Marketing authorisation transfer to a mutual recognition procedure for a veterinary productMembers61KBPDF
Medical device and medicinal product regulation: Bridging a perceived divideMembers77KBPDF
SAKIGAKE – An expedited development and priority review programme in JapanMembers131KBPDF
Sweet serendipity: Interview with Dr Leeza OsipenkoMembers181KBPDF