Regulatory Rapporteur February 2007

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Front Cover
Volume 4 Issue 2

In This Issue

  • Osteoporosis Drugs: CHMP guidelines welcomed
  • Working together: how can agencies improve international collaboration on drug evaluation
  • Writing clinical overviews

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Regulatory Rapporteur February 2007MembersFull Issue3MBPDF
Clinical Overviews: Optimally structuring their contentsMembers484KBPDF
New approaches in collaboration on drug evaluation – what can we learn from the past?Members164KBPDF
New Medicines Legislation A joint meeting by TOPRA and the European Medicines Agency (EMEA)Members203KBPDF
Regulatory Utopia: Beyond the templateMembers77KBPDF
TOPRA CRED workshop Clinical trials outside EuropeMembers286KBPDF
TOPRA North of England Discussion ForumMembers303KBPDF
Update of the regulatory requirements for registration of drugs to be used in osteoporosisMembers274KBPDF