Regulatory Rapporteur April 2007

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Volume 4 Issue 4

In This Issue

  • Changing to eCTD – an end to the paper chase?
  • The changing image of regulatory affairs
  • User testing: can industry meet the deadline?
  • Twinning – learning from each other in the EU

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Regulatory Rapporteur April 2007MembersFull Issue7MBPDF
Update from Canada Maple Leaf NewsPublic404KBPDF
A full quarterMembers76KBPDF
A trade association view on standards and standardisationMembers103KBPDF
Is user testing fulfi lling its goal?Members125KBPDF
Learning from each other in an expanding Europe: Experience in the UK and Czech RepublicMembers271KBPDF
Only three years to go until the changeover to eCTD-only submissionsMembers382KBPDF
The hub of the wheelMembers249KBPDF
TOPRA CRED workshop: Non-clinical and clinical testing of biotechnological productsMembers107KBPDF
Updates February-March 2007 EU Regulatory IntelligenceMembers89KBPDF